A wall safe installation is way better compared to other kinds of safes as it is offering plenty of benefits for your business or home. Here's a quick description of some of these benefits. 

Number 1. Easy to hide - you'll find that the safes are a lot easier to hide in wall hence, it is safer because it is hidden from the attention of burglars. You may consider hanging a painting on it to make your safe a more secured location. 

Number 2. Easy access - you can access a safe easily that's hidden in the walls since there's no need to bend over just to open the lock or to get something out from the safe. Since the wall safe is right at your eye level, you can have access to the contents inside without any problems. With this said, even if you're in a standing position, you can put your stuff in the safe effortlessly. 

Number 3. Security - most safes won't be accessed without opening the locks as they typically have bolts inside. Not only that, the blots aren't easy to access either even if the doors are open. Most of the wall safes have a flange making it harder for burglars to have access to blots. 

Number 4. Space saver - another great benefit of safe installation from in the wall is the fact that they can save great amount of space in your home. Many homes do not have lots of floor space and that's the reason why people are using the space for things that they need most. Wall safes aren't consuming much floor space making them a great pick. 

Number 5. Less conspicuous - the safe will not be conspicuous compared to other kinds of safes if you have a wall safe. Since you will not need to bend over or crouch down to get your stuff out from the safe, you are not attracting anyone's attention. You'll get in and get out of the safe fast without anyone noticing you. 

Number 6. Protection from flood - and in case of flood, floor safes are likely to be submerged underwater. In regards to wall safes on the other hand, they're in a better and safer position because they're elevated on ground. 

Number 7. Hidden from kids - they're out of reach of kids due to the reason that safes are mounted on the wall. For this reason, it is impossible for children to tamper the security system or the safe. 


So these are just some benefits of considering wall safe installation and if you're looking for one, consider these types of safes. Please check out if you have questions.